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Consistent pursuit of Baosteel Metal”Enjoyable work,decent life,full sense of accomplishment ”,keep the balance of the work and life.
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • VC Performance Bank
  • Employee Benefits
  • "Third Space"
  • Network-based work system
  • Aon Hewitt commissioned a third party to carry out research, employee engagement in 2012 from
  • The staff of the excess profits and create superior value share, motivate employees to develop their potential, self-challenge
  • Implementation of flexible benefit plans, and in addition to the statutory staff welfare fund and supplement outside corporate pension plans
  • To stimulate the creativity of employees established between management and employees' creativity in space, in order to promote the work and make life happy working atmosphere between
  • Conduct professional training staff to develop, implement network-based work system, stimulate job full of passion, wisdom, work

The past six years a steady increase in labor productivity


Conference System

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